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University of Maryland, College Park



University of Maryland, College Park



If I waived  the insurance plan last year, then I am good for the next four years at UM, right? No! Every UM undergraduate student enrolled in or after Fall 2009 and taking at least 6 credits must complete the waiver process each fall semester.

How do I determine if my health plan is adequate?


Families are responsible for determining if the student has adequate health insurance using the following guidelines:

•Student has coverage for physician and hospital care in this geographic area

•Student has mental health coverage

•Student has prescription coverage

•Plan covers care 365 days per year

•A female student has pregnancy coverage

•Plan covers mandatory requirements of J-1Visa holders

•Annual deductible should not exceed $500

•Policy covers minimum 80% coverage of professional and hospitalization fees

•Plan will continue coverage if student is enrolled less than full-time

•Coverage must be in effect prior to the first day of classes









Fall Waiver Deadline:  9/15/15 


Spring Waiver Deadline:  2/15/16


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Student +Spouse




$500 (ٸ)


Student +Spouse Each Child




$300 (ٸ)




̿ Ͻð ǽø 3 ּ $1,000~ִ$2,500 մϴ





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