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George Mason University





George Mason University





Insurance Waiver


If an International student has a qualifying health insurance policy and wishes to be exempted from the

Mason Student Health Insurance Plan, you must apply for an insurance waiver.

You must read the waiver requirements before applying for an insurance waiver/exemption.

Your insurance policy must meet the criteria listed in the Waiver Eligibility



You may only apply for an insurance waiver from the Mason Student Health Insurance Plan

if you have not filed any medical claims from any healthcare provider,

including Student Health Services, such as immunizations.

International students must be checked in with the Office of International Programs and Services

before you are able to apply for an insurance waiver





Waiver Application Deadlines


You must apply for an insurance waiver each (Academic) Year; it is annually processed.


Your insurance waiver will NOT roll over into the next Academic Year.


You must submit your waiver application by the final listed deadline. Only NEW students at Mason for Spring

and Summer semesters may submit their applications as listed below







Fall 2015 Waiver Application



Final Deadline : September 15, 2015 




Waiver Eligibility Requirements


If an International Student has a qualifying health insurance policy and wishes to be exempted from


the Mason Student Health Insurance Plan, the insurance policy must meet the following criteria.


An international student may apply for a waiver/exemption:

•If the student has a scholarship, or government sponsored program, that provides an U.S. health insurance

plan for the student. National health coverage and/or travel insurance do not meet these criteria. OR


•If the student, students spouse or parent, has an U.S. employer who provides

health insurance for the student.  OR


•If the student has a plan which is compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines.

The qualifying policy (under A, B, or C) must offer:

1.Medical benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness;

2.An annual deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness;

3.The policy must be valid until August 15, 2016;

4.The cost of medical evacuation ($50,000) and repatriation ($25,000) back to the students home country.


The qualifying policy must have NO Exclusions for:

•Pre-existing conditions

•Alcohol, drug abuse, or detoxification treatment

•Self-inflicted injuries while sane, insane or suicide


Online waivers take about 2 weeks to process. Waiver applications will be audited by Aetna Student Health.


Student Health Services reserves the right to make a final waiver decision.

To verify approval of your application,


please check your Patriot Web account. If your application was approved,


the balance of the Mason student health insurance premium will be $0.


How to Submit Your Waiver

1.Make sure your personal health insurance plan meets the Waiver Eligibility Requirements

2.Fall and Spring Semesters: Go to the Aetna Student Health website.

3.Summer Semester: Contact the Insurance Office

4.From the Aetna Student Health website, select the link Enroll/Waive: Student Health Insurance Plan

5.Read the waiver application instructions

6.Complete the application and submit it

7.Waiver applications must be submitted by the application deadline













2015 815 - 2016814










Insurance  Provider






Aggregate Maximum









Plan year deductible 











In Network : 80%






Out of  Network: 60%







Student :  $2,680



Student : $1,045




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