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Waiver Standards for International Students and Their Dependents

For international students and their accompanying dependents, a comparable health insurance plan will:


Must be an provided by an entity or carrier that is approved to do business in the U.S.;

Travel insurance is not acceptable.

Insurance that covers emergencies only is not acceptable.


2.    Must provide preventative care and FDA approved contraceptives covered at 100% (for plans that have in-network/out-of-network providers, coverage at 100% for in-network providers only is acceptable);

Must include coverage for both accident and sickness;

4.    Must include coverage for all pre-existing conditions with no limits for the coverage;

5.    Must have a deductible not in excess of $500 per individual, per policy (academic) year;

6.    Must have coverage for hospital room, board, miscellaneous hospital expenses, physician expenses in and out of the hospital, ambulance service, outpatient labs, x-rays and diagnostic tests without specific limitations for the treatment of medical conditions;

7.    Must have coverage for pregnancy as any other illness or injury;

8.    Must have an unlimited benefit for any illness or injury as per ACA guidelines;

9.    Must have inpatient and outpatient, mental health and substance abuse coverage and must be covered as any other illness or injury;

10.  Must have coverage for injuries or illnesses that occur as a result of alcohol, illegal drugs or as the result of an attempt to commit suicide and must be covered as any other illness or injury;

11.  Must have prescription drug coverage with a minimum of $100,000 coverage per policy (academic) year;

12.  Must pay benefits worldwide (exemption from coverage in an international students home country is acceptable);

13.  Or must have a U.S. Employer sponsored health insurance (F Visas only) in place of standards 1-12.

14.  And must have provision for medical evacuation of not less than $50,000 to an international students home country; and

15.  And must have provision for repatriation (after death, removal of remains) of not less than $25,000 to an international students home country.

My comparable health insurance coverage will remain in force throughout the 2015-2016 academic year (August 10, 2015 - August 9, 2016). The coverage must be effective on the Penn State student health insurance plan effective date or the effective date of arrival to the United States (which ever date is later).

The waiver applicant must understand that they are responsible for payment of all fees for medical and mental health treatment not covered by their health insurance plan (including but not limited to deductibles, copays, coinsurance and the expenses above my policy maximums and benefit limits.) They must understand that some health facilities, including University Health Services, may require payment at the time treatment is provided. 


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Insurance  Provider

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Aggregate Maximum















Plan year deductible 









In Network : 90%






Out of  Network:70%













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