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Columbia University




Columbia University  



All plans must meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act including, but not limited to, coverage for pre-existing conditions, coverage minimum & maximums, and deductibles.  This applies to international plans in addition to domestic plan offerings. New York State Medicaid will be accepted.

Information regarding ACA regulations:






National coverage for routine, urgent and emergent care for both medical and mental health services, including substance abuse. If traveling internationally for school-related purposes (study abroad, research at a Global Center, etc.) the policy must also provide coverage outside the US for routine, urgent, and emergent care.


Coverage must be effective no later than August 15 of each academic year (January1 for new Spring Term enrollees and June 1 for new Summer Term enrollees). For students completing a program of study in this academic year the coverage must extend through the end of the month of formal program completion (e.g. end of May for spring graduates).  For continuing students the coverage extends for entire school year, including summers. Coverage will remain in force while a registered student, including during approved leave of absence for medical reasons and non-degree status at Columbia University.


Insurance plan is licensed to do business in the United States.  We strongly recommend your plan have a U.S.-based claims office and a U.S. telephone number, or a U.S.-based claims agent so local hospitals and providers can contact the carrier to discuss care and bill directly.













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2015 815 - 2016814






For the 2015 - 2016 academic year, the deadlines to submit waiver requests are September 30,


2015 for continuing and new students entering in the fall and February 15, 2016 for new


students admitted for the Spring.









Insurance  Provider

б޺ ( Aetna)




Aggregate Maximum















Plan year deductible 











In Network : 80%






Out of  Network:70%






Student :  $2,783



Student : $1,045






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